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Tomorrow's journey is taking shape today.

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Life-Oriented Wealth Solutions

for Kansas City & Throughout the Nation

At Normandy Investment Advisors, we create wealth strategies founded on the values, ambitions and people that are important to your life. Our goal is to deeply understand your story as we work collaboratively with you to establish and maintain your financial health.

Our mission is to instill peace of mind that allows you to truly enjoy your life.

By restoring order within your personal financial picture, we help individuals and families find a renewed sense of balance.

What Can You Expect
From Normandy Investment Advisors?

These are the main tenets we stick to in our work:

Serving in Your Best Interest Is Our Commitment

Even beyond our legal standing as fiduciaries, we have a personal ethical dedication to only recommend solutions we wholeheartedly feel are in line with your financial wellbeing.

We Believe in the Value of Listening

Rather than provide a pre-packaged solution, we commit our time to understanding what it is you need and what you want to accomplish—and custom craft a plan accordingly.

Financial Management is an Ongoing Process

Life brings inevitable change with newfound goals and shifting priorities. After we establish your strategy, we will regularly review and adjust over time.

Can You See Yourself As a Client of Ours?

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We Are Passionate About
Personally Serving You 

Through Every Life Chapter

A Word From Our Founder, Jeff Tudas:

Why the name Normandy? There are really two reasons.

One is very personal in that my father (Pfc. John H. Tudas) served with the 4th Infantry Division, 8th Infantry Regiment and landed in the first wave on Utah Beach with Brigadier General Teddy Roosevelt Jr. on June 6, 1944. He then fought through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany for 10 and a half months and participated in the Hertgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge.

My father never made it back to those beaches, but I returned for the 70th anniversary in 2014 and visited all 5 beaches as well as the American Cemetery and many of the landmarks and museums. One can only imagine what it was like on that fateful day.

The name is a tribute to my father and all who fought in that epic battle to provide freedom across the globe. To the boys that gave up their future so we could have ours, and for the ones that returned but were never the same—we should never forget their sacrifices.

The second reason is that history books chronicle all of the detailed planning that went into preparing for this invasion. Prior to having sophisticated technology, it is amazing the level of detail that was undertaken to plan for this successful start to the end of the war in the European Theater. Likewise, we believe that planning for one’s future should also incorporate deep, detailed thinking.

Normandy is an homage to the kind of hard work and forethought that creates freedom, financial or otherwise, and a life of true impact and meaning.

Meet the Team

“Do you understand me?
And can you help me?”

When it comes to choosing an advisor, we always say that if you can answer these questions positively in your mind, you are starting on the right path. Our entire approach is founded on getting to know you and providing guidance based on that understanding.

We are dedicated to listening to your thoughts, your ideas, and your desires for the future. Why? Because money is about much more than dollars and cents. It impacts how you feel every single day and how you can live. Our goal as a team is to align your money in a way that genuinely enhances your state of mind and your life as a whole.

Money can be stressful, but we want our clients to know we’re relentlessly here for them throughout their financial journeys.

You have a partner in us. And you don’t ever have to go at it alone.

 Jeff Tudas, CFP® Photo

Jeff Tudas, CFP®

Founder, Principal
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 Jeff Tudas

Jeff Tudas, CFP®

Founder, Principal

Is this whole money thing just plain overwhelming for you?

It can be confusing. And as a result, too many people rely on commercials and magazines to guide their investment philosophy. The results are often not pretty. So, when I became an advisor, I vowed to spare my clients from the misinformation and manipulation that so many have to deal with.

And this is how…

It starts with clarity. And not just about the money. It’s what the money means to you. Our financial decisions affect and are affected by so many other aspects of our lives. It can be hard to know where to start. That’s where I come in. I can help you get clear about what matters in your life, so the path we set for you is fully aligned with who you are and what you stand for. It happens to be a passion of mine, because it is also part of my journey.

It began with my love for problem-solving, a skill that was enhanced by gaining my BSc in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University back in 1979. The human element was missing, however. Looking for more human connection, I then went into technical sales at Nalco Chemical. I worked my way up through the company, but something just wasn’t right. The apparent pressure to sell rather than impact peoples’ lives weighed heavily on me. I felt like a fish out of water.

Inspired as I am by people who take a risk and venture out on their own with a vision and passion, I took a leap of my own. In 2000, I got my MBA from Rockhurst University and then, through self-study, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 2003. This set the stage for a new and deeply fulfilling path.

I have never looked back since. It’s the best decision I ever made (apart from marrying my wonderful wife, MaryBeth). I get to positively impact people’s lives every single day, and that is extremely satisfying. MaryBeth and our four grown children (Jessica, Blair, Ryan and Sean) are certainly happy about that too because I am a lot more fun to be around.

And along with this, I get to live a philanthropic passion of mine—helping active-duty military personnel, veterans and their families. I deeply respect those who fight for our freedom. I got this passion from my dad who served on the front lines in WWII and who inspired me with his stories. And I’m so proud of Ryan who has carried that inspiration forward by serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps as a UH-1Y Helicopter pilot.

 Brent Caswell, CFF Photo

Brent Caswell, CFF

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 Brent Caswell

Brent Caswell, CFF


I am a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) dedicated to upholding the highest moral, ethical and fiduciary standards of service. I bring 26 years of combined experience in financial planning and advising, consulting and fiscal management. I specialize in family protection, wealth accumulation, retirement plans and business continuation. I hold my FINRA Series 7 & 66 registrations, as well as life, health, disability, and long-term care licenses.

My wife, Michele, and I have been married for 27 years. We have a son, Cole, and a daughter, Rian, with whom we support and participate in numerous sports and music activities together. Our family lives in Independence, MO.

I am a member of Community of Christ Church and a board member for Young Life Independence. As an Eagle Scout, I am an active participant in Boy Scouts of America and the Heart of America Council.

I have been named a Five Star Wealth Manager every year since 2018.

Grant Montgomery Photo

Grant Montgomery

Financial Advisor
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Grant Montgomery

Grant Montgomery

Financial Advisor

I’m a solution finder at heart.

My 20 years of military service taught me the importance of effective problem-solving. As a United States Army veteran and an officer in the field artillery branch, patriotism and service have always been my passion.

As a trusted leader in the Army, I was involved with planning, training, and executing combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was my responsibility to make sound decisions for individuals and for the entire unit’s mission. I loved the challenge of constantly making things better for all involved.

All of this created a strong foundation for my career as a financial advisor. I carry this attitude of service to people and to the nation into my work each day. I love nothing better than to improve my clients’ lives and to help them feel truly empowered to achieve what they never thought possible.

My love for financial management began early. I was 18 when I invested my life savings (the mighty sum of $1,000) in a mutual fund. I was thrilled to feel as if I was at least beginning to take control of my finances while enjoying the benefits of compounding interest. This passion remains with me, and you can bet that this had grown a lot by the time I stepped into financial services.

As an advisor at Normandy, I work directly with you to evaluate your situation and develop solutions to your unique challenges—this is the most important conversation. I want to learn about you, and together we can highlight your financial goals, objectives and needs, and we'll construct a path to get there. Then, I’ll help you stay on track, because, as we all know, life happens despite our best plans.

I work with people from all walks of life—from executives and business owners to military service members and veterans—by helping them plan and then stay on track with their financial plan for retirement.

The Army taught me to live by the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Grateful as I am for all I have gained, I feel proud to be able to live a core passion of mine: supporting veterans and the military community as a member of local area veteran service organizations.

The greatest joy and inspiration in my life is my family—my wife Christina, two daughters (Cassidy and Allison) and one son (Jackson). The best part of my life is with them: attending their practices, games, events, and being there to watch each of them grow as individuals. Whenever I am not involved in family, parish, or veteran activities, I transform into the shade tree mechanic, and I get to pull out my wrenches and work on my car.

Here at Normandy, I work closely with Jeff Tudas to provide you with financial planning advice that is personalized, comprehensive and objective. I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you and discover how to partner with you to achieve your financial goals.

Tom Laming Photo

Tom Laming

Investment Strategist
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Tom Laming

Tom Laming

Investment Strategist

As a teenager my passion by day was Olympic-style weightlifting, and by night, dragging my telescope outside to gaze at the sky.

Usually when somebody hears you competed in weightlifting, they ask “How much could you bench press?” That’s not Olympic lifting, so I never did that, but I was 16 when I first cleaned and jerked 100 pounds more than my bodyweight, and 17 when I fell just shy of putting double my bodyweight overhead. That was good enough to reach a number one ranking in the nation in my weight class for lifters under age 18, but it did not help my high school GPA.

What I learned from lifting was the value of repetition and hard work. By the time I entered college I realized to succeed I’d have to apply the same discipline to books. This is when my other passion kicked in. I loved astronomy, but quickly realized it was all about physics. So, I decided to study physics at the nearest school, the University of Kansas.

That would lead me to work on Space Shuttle navigation at the Johnson Space Center, and then to graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study Aeronautics and Astronautics. Upon graduation it was off to a career in spacecraft design in Los Angeles and Denver for what are now Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

While working as an engineer I developed an interest in investments and markets. I ultimately viewed portfolio management like any other engineering problem. I loved the space business, but I thought I could apply my knowledge of technology to investing. What company would have a competitive advantage over another? What portfolio of stocks and bonds yields the best solution? So, I returned to school, this time at Indiana University for an MBA and subsequently took a job as the technology sector analyst for Waddell & Reed in Kansas City.

After a few years I moved on to Buffalo Mutual Funds as a portfolio manager and Chief Equity Strategist. Ten years later I decided to start my own investment management firm, eventually acquired by UMB Financial.

Along the way I met Jeff and we hit it off from the start. Jeff’s commitment to the principles of capitalism, freedom and the Constitution clicked with me. That helped make us friends. His intelligence, the way he treats people, and his aversion to investment products that are unnecessary (and often better for the advisor than the client) has made us business partners.

Now, I’m the Investment Strategist at Normandy producing research on investment-related topics, including: strategic and tactical asset allocations, analyzing products and companies for risk and potential return, and searching for long-term trends in industry and the economy that can benefit our clients.

Are We Your Team?

We Work Well With Those Who Are…

  • Serious about attaining financial health
  • Interested in planning for the future
  • Looking for a personal CFO

Our Clients Are Dynamic

Whether you’re just building wealth or you have acquired wealth over a lifetime, we are interested in working with you if you share the above goals. Among our many clients, we’ve helped individuals just out of college, established professionals, and those who are retired. We also work particularly well with business owners given our shared situation as entrepreneurs.

young family sitting on couch

Sound Like You?

Let’s Have a Conversation →

Empowering Your Life Journey

By Applying Foresight to Your Personal Finances

What Does a Meaningful Life Look Like to You?

Our services are centered around defining what truly matters to you, how you wish to spend your time, and the kind of impact you want to make on the people around you. We believe that only by exploring these topics can we provide guidance that makes a difference in your life.

Customized Solutions for Every Part of Your Financial Picture

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Tax Planning

Social Security Strategizing

Risk Management

Education Funding

Wealth Transfer Planning

Consider Us Your Trusted Guide

We’re passionate about financial advising because it invokes our shared human experience. We all go through dynamic emotions, concerns, setbacks and victories. And having the opportunity to help you find peace of mind amidst these ebbs and flows is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Explore a Partnership →

retired couple meeting with advisor

Investing with Normandy Investment Advisors

Risk Management

While there is a natural relationship between risk and return, the portfolio return achieved is not a choice, but the amount of risk born is an active decision. We rely on decades of experience across multiple asset classes to understand investment risk and to construct portfolios for clients according to their unique risk tolerance. Among the many components of risk, we believe that liquidity for the client is of paramount importance.

A Focus on the Long-Run

We believe in taking a long-term approach to meeting the needs of clients, especially when it comes to portfolio construction. Long-term success for most companies results from the emergence of secular tailwinds that drive the emergence of new industries and technologies, while leading to the obsolescence of others. In addition, it is our belief that technological change, especially when its pace appears to be accelerating, can’t be ignored. Consider that it took eons for mankind to achieve powered flight, 44 more years to fly at supersonic speeds, and 22 more years to land on the moon. We believe that the study of demographic, technological, and other industry trends that shape economic growth and company success is an important component of long-term portfolio performance.

Valuation Matters

With rapid change, irrational exuberance is seldom far behind. Therefore, we believe valuation matters. For example, at the end of 1999, near the peak of tech-company-fueled bubble, the ten largest stocks within the S&P 500 accounted for nearly 20 percent of the index. All were household names that made daily financial headlines. Twenty years after the bursting of that equity market bubble, the price of six of those ten companies was below the bubble peak, and only one company had managed to keep up with the broader market’s return. Sir John Templeton was correct… "The four most expensive words in the English language are, 'This time it’s different.'"

Interested in Having Us Review Your Portfolio?

Let’s talk about where you stand now and compare it against where you’d like to be. Get in touch with us to address any questions you have and learn more about how we can be of service.

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